Doris A. Cain

Group Travel Sales Manager

Years ago a “senior class trip” was my first travel experience. It was a blast! My world became smaller; national and world events suddenly more meaningful. After graduation from SDSU, Brookings SD, I taught seventeen years in Wisconsin and spent summers traveling. Twenty years ago, a move to Minnesota and subsequent career change resulted in combining my passion of travel and educational background into career in the group travel industry. I’m dedicated to providing high quality educational tours at an affordable cost; plus give students a meaningful, life changing experience such as I had in school.

Corinne D. Grubar

President and Group Travel Sales Manager, CSTP

Over 20 years I have planned customized educational performance tours exclusively for student groups. My strengths include designing specialized tours that cater to each group’s personality, travel destination(s), education and performance goals, all within your budget parameters. As “Your Group Tour Professional” I will continue to dedicate my services to planning and delivering memorable tours for your group. I look forward to working with you and providing a unique experience for your group and memories that every student will cherish forever.

Gary Miller

Group Travel Sales Manager

I’m extremely proud of our carefully designed and thoroughly researched itineraries that capture the essence and diversity of each school group. Our groups continually praise the varied flow of our itineraries as well as the selection of fascinating destinations. When I was in grade school, my science teacher explained to us the benefits and educational value of traveling. She said she’s been to every state except one, inspiring me to set a goal to see all 50 states, which is 95% complete.

Ann Hanson

Group Travel Sales Manager

Travel has always been my passion starting in high school and continuing through college where I spent two summers backpacking through Europe. As an adult, I have continued to travel throughout the world. It is a pleasure to be a part of the Good News Tour & Travel “team” developing musical, educational and fun tours for school groups traveling throughout the world. With over 100 years combined extensive travel experience at Good News Tour & Travel, we always customize for the ideal travel and educational experience for our groups. I look forward to planning your next unforgettable tour.


Angela Krogh-Kyndberg

Executive Tour Coordinator

My first travel experience outside of the Midwest was a tour to San Antonio, Texas in High School, I knew immediately I wanted to work in the travel industry. For over a decade I have worked with groups at the corporate, incentive and student level. Student groups are my passion; I believe travel is an amazing opportunity for students. It allows growth and education in safe and exciting environments. I take pride in planning tours that focus on what each individual city has to offer, as well as catering to each group’s personal needs. Because music groups are our specialty, we are able to provide clinics at the most respected Universities and performances at many major attractions. I will continue to work hard to plan unique and memorable tours for your group!


Jana Keller

Operations Manager, CTIS

As I approached becoming an empty nester, I found myself looking for my next adventure. I attended the Travel Academy of Minnesota and after graduating was lucky enough to find a new career home here at Good News Tour & Travel. Since joining the staff in August of 2005 I have continued my education by completing my certification as a Certified Travel Industry Specialist through ABA at Purdue University. I feel so lucky to have been able to travel extensively. In August of 2010, I cruised into Alaska and was able to cross off my bucket list visiting all 50 states. In addition, I have traveled to Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada, and several countries in Europe. I have so many more places to see but I feel so blessed that I have been able to create such amazing memories.