What type of groups does GNTT work with?


The owners of GNTT were educators prior to working in the student tour industry. Travel is the best education; therefore, we focus on educational student tours with an emphasis on the performing arts. Bands, Choirs, and Orchestras are taken to destinations throughout the United States and Canada. In addition, we arrange tours for Theater students, Science classes, Cheerleaders, Government classes, senior class trips, etc. All tours are customized; therefore, we can work with all types of student groups.

Does it help to book early?


Anytime you can begin planning and booking early helps in many ways. Booking early provides students a longer time frame for fundraising. Having more time to earn the necessary funds for the tours generally corresponds with higher student participation.

Early tour deposits enables GNTT to block hotel rooms, reserve motorcoach, airline, cruise or Amtrak space, and attractions before they are sold out. In addition, we are able to begin the process of planning performance opportunities. In times of high demand such as Spring Break or Easter it is especially important to make arrangements early.

Planning early allows the necessary time to get approvals from the appropriate boards within the school; therefore, getting your tour on the school calendar.

Is GNTT an accredited Tour Company?


It is important to select tour operators that are part of a bigger world of travel. GNTT maintains membership in SYTA (Student Youth Travel Association); that means we have a consumer protection plan in place to back customer deposits. GNTT is a member and participates in ABA (American Bus Association) a national organization that is the watchdog for the motorcoach industry of which 80% of our groups use for their transportation. ABA works tirelessly as a workhorse for the industry. Memberships in these organizations mean we are insured to industry standards. MENC is a music professional organization of which GNTT is a member.

What is the process of Planning a tour?

  • DECIDE ON DESTINATIONS OF INTEREST; REQUEST TOUR QUOTES. GNTT Tour Consultants are skilled in matching destination features to the goals you have for the tour. After discussing your needs, time frames, goals and purposes for tour they will be able to suggest several destinations that will accomplish what you desire.
  • ANALYZE TOUR QUOTES AND SELECT THE ONE that offers you the best product and services. Cheaper often means “cheap” not better with fewer services!
  • GNTT will consult with you regarding when you’re having fundraising and or collecting money from students prior to sending an AGREEMENT LETTER with PAYMENT PLAN mutually agreed upon.
  • SEND DEPOSITS IN TIMELY MANNER-Upon receiving your first deposit GNTT will formally begin the process of planning and arranging your tour. Many hotel, airline, restaurant and sightseeing reservations request deposits to hold the space.
  • GNTT will arrange Clinic/Workshops and Performances based on your requests. A copy of the confirmation letters will be sent directly to you when arrangements are finalized. Prior to a clinic/performance we request that you contact the person in charge to review your musical needs and music to be performed.
  • During TRAVEL a GNTT Company Representative will accompany your group to orchestrate a smoothly run tour. The Rep will handle all contracts, tickets, and be the liaison between the motorcoach drivers and hotel which allows you time for your students and to concentrate on your music performances.

Are there complimentary Passes for Directors and Group Leaders?


Generally a minimum of one free chaperone is included for each motorcoach. However, that ratio of complimentary chaperones will be adjusted based on your needs. Let us know what you need; we are flexible.

Can night time hotel security be arranged?


YES, GNTT is flexible to the needs of each group. We are more than happy to arrange for an exclusive professional security guard to be included in the original proposal or added later; just let us know. Most hotels have staff that monitor the overall hotel premise; our exclusive night time security guard is a professional employed to montor the specific floors where students sleep. The security guard is secured from accredited Companies that require criminal background checks and drug testing.

Will I work directly with your company?


YES, if you are the Group Leader or Director. NO, if you are an individual traveling with the group. GNTT is a group tour company, we contract and coordinate tour details with the Group Leader/Director on behalf of the entire group. Individuals make specific payments to the school for their tour; the Group Leader makes several larger payments to GNTT.

Is GNTT an insured company?


GNTT carries professional liability insurance to protect in case of injury or property damage. In addition; as a member of the Student Youth Travel Association (SYTA) we have a consumer protection plan that protects our client deposits. In addition, motorcoach companies are required to have insurance

Is individual travel insurance included?


Individual travel insurance can be included in the tour proposal for all travelers or remain as an option for each individual to purchase.  That decision is made by the group leader on behalf of the group.  If Individual travel insurance is not included on your child’s package it can be purchased via our website.  We have partnered with Travel Guard one of the largest companies to offer student travel insurance.  We strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance to protect your child in case of an unforeseen emergency.  The cost of insurance varies based on length of tour, age of insured, cost of tour, type of transportation, type and amount of insurance coverage desired, etc.

What type of personal money should I plan for my child?


It is best to evaluate the tour itinerary to determine what additional monies are necessary. GNTT customizes each tour; therefore, number of included meals varies as does amount of time available for souvenir shopping. We recommend approximately $20 per day and several forms of currency.

Travelers checks (small denominations) work well; however, some stores require ID or won’t accept them from minors. Larger hotels may cash travelers checks for the student that may not have an ID; however, hotels should not be expected to be the “bank” with unlimited money.

Pre-paid money cards work very well. There are cash machines in many places; however, charges may result if outside your banking network; and time is limited for their use.

Cash in smaller denominations (no larger than $20) is easily used by your child and the businesses.

Do the Motorcoaches have electrical connections for my DVD or iPod?


The majority of motorcoaches do not have individual connections for dvd/ipod/computer. However, coaches are equipped with either dvd and/or video capability for general usage. GNTT recommends that groups plan for both formats so you are prepared for either. Any media shown on the coach should be PG or PG13.

How can I contact my child if there is an emergency?


On the Final Tour Itinerary the GNTT phone number 1-651-487-0661 is provided. After business hours that phone number is forward to the person on-call during off hours and weekends; therefore, GNTT is available 24/7 while tours are out. GNTT will contact the Tour Coordinator with the group to relay your message.